Monday, July 31, 2006

Why Lebanon?!

¿Por qué Líbano? // Pourquoi le Liban ? // Warum Libanon? // Perché il Libano? //
// Waarom Libanon? // Por que o Líbano? // почему Ливан? // Hvorfor lebanon? //
// ليش لبنان؟ //


Anonymous said...

Funny, I thought I left here a messege... geuss you have a problem with opinions not like yours....

Sassine And Marwa El Nabbout said...

Sir, my opinion is against killing whoever who is doing it... and against having fun with others pain specially... thank you

Alexander said...

Hi Sasmen,

Can you please tell me where did you get the documentary that you posted on Lebanese Blogger Forum called Peace, Propangada and The Promised Land? It is absolutely awesome. If people in America saw it, they would never support the criminal zionist state. Can I get it on CD from somewhere? I want to show it to everyone I know