Friday, July 28, 2006

Lebanon Is Burning


Anonymous said...

I agree, Save Lebanese Civilization. Kick Hezbollah out of Lebanon, back to Syria and Iran. Stop the rockets, stop Hezbollah hiding behind civilians, stop them preventing civilians from leaving to protect themselves.
Israels war is not with Lebanon, it is with Hezbollah.

Lebanon cannot look the other way or say "we are not strong enough to get rid of Hezbollah"
Doing so is to allow it.

Israel would have NEVER fired a single bullet if it were not for Hezbollah.

Israel drops leaflets and broadcasts on radio for Lebanese to leave Hezbollah entrenched places, Hezbollah keeps lebanese there so as to cause civilian casualties they can use in the media.

Hezbollah wants dead civilians to puton news, Israel wants dead Hezbollah and does not want dead civilians.

Israel tells civilians to go into bunkers, Hezbollah purposely puts its troops deliberately in and around civilians.

ANY man that hides behind women and children, or hides in a house of worship to protect himself then cries foul is NO man under ANY god. These men cry "descendants of apes and pigs" The apes and pigs don't hide behind babies or women or in synagogues or churches" Obviously the descnedants of apes and pigs are MUCH higher evolved than those who think themselves enlightened.

Want pity and sympathy for your women and children and mosques?

then take action to stop your terrorists from using them as shields.

Anonymous said...

the lebanese govt had intentions of weakeneing hizbollah,and were working towards this aim until the racist zionist establishment decided to crash the party.u keep killing and destroying,thinking u are winning the war...wat u r doing is strenghthening the support for hizbollah;u r creating more terrorists.The US war on terrorism,has created flames across the middle east creating more anger and hatred,the essential ingrediants for terrorism.and what are u but a vassal state of the want to get rid of hizbollah,hamas,terrorists,angry muslims,mosquitos.....clean the swamps that u have created.

Anonymous said...

To the stupid anonymous who believes Israel's war is only against Hizbollah...
Israel has started its relentless war against the arab people and against Lebanon in particular long before Hizbollah was created.The initial Lebanese resistance forces in the 80's were not even entirely muslims...So let's be realisitic, Israel is attacking the whole country.
Furthermore, Israel has not bombarded any single military station going back to Hizbollah.It has deliberaterly attacked civilians, both christians and muslims, it has attacked TV stations not belonging to Hizbollah, it has even attacked a UN building...It has destroyed the whole lebanese infrastructure and says it only wants to help the lebanese government get rid of Hizbollah...
Israelies are the most horrible terorists the world has ever known. They have houses in Occupied Palestine only because they kicked those poor palestinians out of their homes. They wouldn't mind doing the same with the Lebanese people to realixe their dream of The Great Israel.It's a pity but a dream will always remain nothing but a dream....