Friday, September 30, 2005

I Believe In Changes...

It's weird! many times if not all the times we meet persons!
For everyone one we have a pre-judjment...
He is like that & that & that?!!...
And unfortunately we treat everyone based on our judjment or on the one that we heard from others!
How many times we lost a person because of this?!
How many persons we lost till now?!

Always we judje!

When someone is bad , we will keep him bad forever!
But dont you believe in changes?
No one is born criminal!
No one can be good and refuse the goodness!
Always there is something that pushes the person to do something wrong!
Don't judje!
Don't kill souls!
Your brother always needs you! always needs your help, your care, your love...
Don't stay angry in your room, while saying: i can't change anyone!...
I believe that you are wrong, but also i believe that you will change...

Sassine El Nabbout MD.

I Love You!

A report was done in Hong Kong the last year, revealing that only 14% of men says " i love u" to their women. Only 1% says "i love u" to their sons. Only 4% of them says "i love u" to their daughters.
Also, 20% of women says "i love u" to their husbands. And only 5% says it to their sons & 4% to their daughters.
Less than 1% of boys says it to their dads, while 3% said it to their mothers.
Less than 3% of girls says it to their dads & 5% of them says it to their mums.

A really sad report!
And i believe its so real!
But the big question is why??
Why we cannot say this word to everyone who really deserve?
Do we think or know really what can make this word in the one that hear it from us!
I guess no one will be sad if he hears it from you!
I guess their hearts will be full of happiness!
So, to everyone i know, i say: I Love U!

Translated to english from Radio Charity Report

Sassine El Nabbout MD.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mars Is The Nearest Point To Earth

Last saturday, Mars Was in it's Nearest Point To Earth.
Till now you can see it...
Look directly after the sunset time to the east... you will see it shining more than every other star in the skies...

Monday, September 05, 2005

My Fiancee Weblog

I'm pleased to present my fiancee Marwa Hosni. This link is to her written thoughts...
You will like them as you like my writings... because we are the same person...