Saturday, June 03, 2017


I have been thinking lately much about life, death and eternity. It is a vast subject with lots of ideas and complexity.
I tried on my own but it didn't seem to work, until I asked for help through praying. I was given the example that can simplify it.
Thinking of the human being a body and a soul, I imagined that the body is a boat that the soul is going to use, to move from a border to another. As you are sailing through the sea of life, one devil or more jump on board, obviously after succeeding in selling you some of their products. Then they will invite more in. You will try to get rid of them by yourself, then more will come in. They will convince you to follow the stream (live as you only live once, why to do it the hard way). Their aim is to win your heart, which as soon as they get, they will take control and direct you as they like. With each of their trials, they will remove one by one the screws and nails which are your trust in God. Then they will sink you.
Wreckage boats will be eternally burnt as well as the dead souls.
The boats that resisted, reached the end and delivered the souls back to God, will stay there awaiting the resurrection, and eternity...