Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Night Of February In Aadbel…

Now! I’m staying outdoor! In the darkness of the night!
What I see, maybe is difficult to be understood by words… only because I’m not able to describe well this wonder…
Seeing the fields from above… all blooming… all the almond trees are white covered! But this is not the snow! Those are the flowers filling each corner & site!
Ah! I cannot describe what I feel now! I feel flying maybe! I feel that my soul now is out of my body!
The sweet odors are filling all the spaces!
I’m on my chair! Silent! Just dreaming!
I hear you! I hear the words of the ground!
She is talking! How?! The rains are touching it softly!
She is always calling me!
I heard!
Now, I’m walking under the rain! My limbs are caressing each flower! My wings are all open! Yes open while walking!
I touch each drop of water! & With every touch I feel better!
My hands are surrounding each tree! I’m feeling the vibration of life within it!
Yes ! the life! She is passing through my body to make me a soul!
I feel my union! I feel my love for everything!
Ah sure! If I’m in love with nature, I adore you my brother!
Do you know! With this love, I’m the happiest ever!
Because with it, I see god in all what is surrounding me!

Sassine El Nabbout MD.