Friday, May 26, 2006

You Are Free!

Photo by cluggish-Webshots

Underwater Volcano & Two Surprises

A new and important discovery, an underwater volcano in Northern Mariana Islands near Guam.
It has been going through nearly constant low-level eruptions since at least 2004, when it was first observed, Embley says. It could potentially keep erupting for decades, giving scientists the opportunity to monitor its growth.
Two other surprises were seen by the scientists: communities of microscopic bacteria and two species of shrimp living at the volcano.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Versailles Castle Gardens, France

Sassine El Nabbout Photography

Versailles castle one of the most famous in Europe... surrounded by big gardens... it is so vast, making a complete visit almost impossible in one day...

If you visit it, don't miss to use the small boat, so you can see almost all the garden & the castle from the center.

Wish you will enjoy this album that is a small reality:

Lake Rastan As Seen From Kobayat Reserve

Photo By Jhonny Hanna
Lake Rastan is one of the biggest Syrian lakes... that is made by the collection of Assi River water (origin: Bekaa, Lebanon).
Jhonny Hanna is one of my friends, an environmental activist, and a member of the "Conseil de l'environnement-Kobayat". A comity that is working hard to conserve all this beauty and heritage to Lebanon.
A big thanks for the nice work, and may God help them to accomplish their issues.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Sassine El Nabbout Photography
A small beautiful village in the Akkarian heights (900m above sea level), mixing the natural beauty and the peaceful nature of it's people... and for sure another successful example that Christians can live side to side with Muslims... you really can see the mosque near the church... as they stayed like that even since the bad civil war... and I'm sure that she will stay lifelong...
Bazbina, a prototype of the majority of Akkarian villages, has many sons in the Lebanese Army, many agricultural fields, but a majority immigrating to outside Lebanon (
I encourage you to visit their site witch contain many news and memories.
Something to remember there is the national reserve, witch is so rich in water (draining the Kamoua heights), flowers and the most beautiful scenes.
Enjoy it's album:

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Sights Of Fontaine Bleau, France

Sassine El Nabbout Photography
A lovely french city, in the massif central, surrounded by one of the most beautiful forests; It's fame is well deserved because of one of the biggest castles. Wish you will enjoy the album.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Will That Day Come?!

You must know that the dryness already started in many countries...
Urgent attention is to be taken...

From Flood to Drought

This false-color NASA image shows the approximate retreat of the Gangotri Glacier (source of the Ganges river in India) in the Himalaya mountain range between 1780 and 2001.
Because of global climate change, the glacier has been retreating at a rate of 23 meters annually, according to a WWF report.
Due to the global warming effect, (as many hundreds millions Tons of carbon dioxide and many other industrual gases are diffused in the atmosphere each year), glacial melting will increase the volume of water in rivers, causing widespread flooding. "But in a few decades this situation will change, and the water level in rivers will decline".
Until when we will continue to destroy our earth?!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Many Reasons... One Effect

Sassine El Nabbout Photography
This is not snow... these are flowers petals...
Why are they on the ground?!
There is many reasons... someones i know, but the others no...
Is the spring ending?
Are the flowers pregnant now with fruits?
Is it just an endless cycle with temporary ends?!
Does someone shakes the mother tree?
Is it the wind? the rain? A human?!
Does their role finished? No need to more attraction?!
Is there one reason!
What we know now is the effect!
The petals are covering everything!
They are dead! but even with their death they are a scene of beauty!
Also many reasons...
Because there will be a next spring and a new age...
Because they are simply beautiful in every way...

On The Sake Of Our Resources

We pay taxes to have policemen and armies, to arrest our expressions, our manifestations...
We lose our resources to pay someone, that will one day bit us to protect the thieves in our governments...