Friday, September 30, 2005

I Love You!

A report was done in Hong Kong the last year, revealing that only 14% of men says " i love u" to their women. Only 1% says "i love u" to their sons. Only 4% of them says "i love u" to their daughters.
Also, 20% of women says "i love u" to their husbands. And only 5% says it to their sons & 4% to their daughters.
Less than 1% of boys says it to their dads, while 3% said it to their mothers.
Less than 3% of girls says it to their dads & 5% of them says it to their mums.

A really sad report!
And i believe its so real!
But the big question is why??
Why we cannot say this word to everyone who really deserve?
Do we think or know really what can make this word in the one that hear it from us!
I guess no one will be sad if he hears it from you!
I guess their hearts will be full of happiness!
So, to everyone i know, i say: I Love U!

Translated to english from Radio Charity Report

Sassine El Nabbout MD.

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Unknown said...

We love you too for your Unique spirit, Deep thoughts... for your Care, Tender and Understanding... for your Infectious Optimism... for your Love and Dedicated Time... and above all for BEING YOU!!!