Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thank You

The Lebanese Eagle Flying High
Me On Shir El Sanam Top; Kobayat National Reserve
Photo by Dr E.Choueiry

The number of viewers of my photos reached this day:
500,000 Viewers and more.

The Frirst most viewed album is: The Flowers Of Lebanon (67200 viewers; 8306 downloads).
The Second most viewed album is: Akkar In The Picture (54004 viewers, 5443 downloads).
The Third most viewed album is: Variety From Lebanon (52063 viewers, 4137 downloads).
The Fourth most viewed album is: Automn Collection, Lebanon (22663 viewers, 1859 downloads).
The Fifth most viewed album is: Akkar, My Heaven (22567 viewers, 1937 downloads).

And 1315 Guestbook entries from almost all countries.

Akkar, My Heaven is now one of the Best Downloads albums (the highest downloads rates in a short period, since created).

I offer all what i did to LEBANON.
Again, thank you.

Sassine El Nabbout

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