Monday, April 24, 2006

Me Featured

Again and again, but now with many albums, and as member in Webshots, i'm featured since 21 April 2006 on the webshots blog as one of the best world community photographers. Presenting me as the Member sassinabbout showing us the beauty and wonder of Lebanon.
Thank you for everyone that supported & helped me.
Check out this link:

Sassine El Nabbout

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dany_ella said...

Hi Sassine,
I happened to come across one of your pictures from 'My Heaven' album. I was impressed by the beauty of the landscape, but even more so, I was surprised to find someone who could take pictures of the same scenery, from different perspectives. They are impressive!
I saw some of your other albums, too...simply wonderful!
I liked your blog "La Grand-Mere". When I read it seemed a textual continuation of the visual scenery depicted in your pictures.