Saturday, September 15, 2007

Give a bird a home

Which bird box for which bird?
Watching birds visit your garden is such a treat. Read on to find out how you can attract more and more and have a real garden party. Firstly, build a nest box by using recycled material or popping down to your nearest garden centre for an off the shelf kind. And don't forget that different birds have different first-time-buyer requirements. So you need to pick a box that suits the neighbours you want to move in.
Purpose made bird boxes are easy to buy if you've mislaid your hammer and birds are grateful either way. Do your homework and find out what birds live in your area: it's no good aiming for a golden eagle if you live in Sussex but you may do well with blackbirds. And put your new box in the right place to keep birds safe from sun and predators.
For more click on the post's link. ( Source BBC Science & Nature).

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