Friday, August 17, 2007


Invalides Musuem, Paris

"Only the dead have seen the end of war". Plato
If you want to hear or not, do not seem to be the issue… the news are still there and they are bad!
Day after day we are expanding our killing machinery… a sward is now rockets and bombs… and the full power actually is to own an intercontinental messenger of mass destruction…
Who can give us a guarantee that the countries racing to collect these arms will not use it against us… for a reason we know or we don’t know… for an idea we may accept or not…
They teach us that an arm is in the “good hands” and surely it must not reach the “evil hands”… as if the hand holding an arm can be good enough to discuss for example or to make or to restore a stolen peace…
Aren’t we sick enough in the 21th century from the world leaders mentality (if they are in this position and not the companies manufacturing or trading war machinery), while their only accepted (at least by me) role is to restrict the distribution of arms, reinforce the police and dissolute armies… and work mainly on the “border home security” not on the “overseas” one!
Didn’t we get enough blood and pain around the world from their wills to make more money and/or dominate and eliminate many communities from the world’s map?!
Isn’t shame on humanity (if it still exists!) that millions are dying from famine, while billions of billions are expensed on the war programs around the world, and surely no one country is excluded!
Will we follow the evolution, and just make our “wars” in doing more beautiful things?
Can we just do an honest competition between countries and be “one for all, all for one”?

I believe in what Plato said, because the result of every war is surely another one… and really, no one will hear or see its end but dead!
Seeing people dying for a reason or without a one makes me pray everyday to see the end of all this shit before the end of my journey…
Maybe it is a huge request, but as I accept everything, I would change it to “see a feeling filling the heart of everyone… a feeling that opens our eyes to see that an action or a reaction we make may hurt, so what about a ball or a bomb we send to kill someone (that we don’t know most probably)… it may kill him and all the ones who love him (physically or mentally)… and if you hate him, may you think that he has a father, a mother, a husband/wife, a son or a daughter waiting for him to put a kiss on their front every night… just like everyone of us wants to do”…
It is a big and hazy idea… maybe you are right!
Well, can we please tolerate each other? I don’t want more!

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