Friday, October 10, 2008

The Night's Light

How would be our life if the darkness is the only kingdom?
What would be our dreams if we can’t see the light of tomorrow?
How may look a sky just with the far stars?
Millions of years have passed and you are still a big secret…
Another unanswered “why”!
You may not be as cold as they said… not silent as you appear…
As when we move, you walk with us…
When we cry, you cool our hearts…
When we depress, you take our look up…
Why do we feel so close to you?
Is it because you are the only one who stays awake, while everyone is comatose in his bed?
Is it because you can see our tears, while no one can see our dark side?
You are not God…
We are not too…
But why are you there? Why are we here?
You, you keep the “black” alive until tomorrow…
And we, we don’t stop wondering!

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