Friday, August 22, 2008

Colors & Energy!

Imagine! The same plant’s type is living in the same garden, but each one is painted differently!
Why?! The dark one is in continuous contact with the light, while the green one lays in the shadow!
Isn’t amazing?!
One is afraid of losing a beam of light, and the other one is afraid from being burned by it!
One hugs it so hard, and the other one refuses it!
One works so hard to live and the other works a little bit!
Isn’t applicable in the human life?!
The ones living in the light of money darken more and more their hearts!
The ones living in the darkness of life never reach the fame!
But who gives more?
Isn’t the poor one by giving “oxygen” to everyone, including the rich?!
Or this is God making the equilibrium in everyway?

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Unknown said...

Hi Sassine,Nice photo's..nature is the best thing that can overcome us.
Belgium greetings