Thursday, May 01, 2008

How Far?

We always forget!
This days’ style is pushing us to lose our consciousness!
We don’t stop being in hurry… as if we are running away from something?!
Is it from death or from our inner fears?!
Why don’t we wake up to see that death is everywhere?!
Why don’t we understand that an inner fear will not leave our heart… until when?!
There are just two drugs… one of them is the fear’s compatriot… death…
Don’t you prefer to ask about the second one?
The other drug heals from both of them… it is so simple and priceless… the faith…
Did we forget it?
Yes, we always do!
How far are we from it?
Sometimes, we don’t stop thinking… we want to do everything by our own power… we walk, and surely we fall… we stand up again, and we start crying while saying “what to do now? God left us!”, But never ever we understand that God is always near, even more than the earth on which we failed!
How could we stand up without him giving us a hand?!

While writing this yesterday, my portable computer shuts off alone… without any order! You can’t imagine the rage I had, just because of fear, as I didn’t save what I wrote?! Then I asked myself this question: what happened to me? Is it a trial? And I calmed down and answered myself: no fear, what was written is saved in my heart, because I believe and I will always do so… (The file was auto saved in my computer... my rage was for nothing)

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