Friday, April 11, 2008

Good Bye Big Daddy!

Sassine El Nabbout

As always, the pains refuse to leave us until the last moment!
Even when we meet the death, our welcome word is: Ahhhhh!
What more?!
While trying to help you (keeping you between us), we added to your pains hundreds more!
Rest in peace big daddy!


Anonymous said...

Je suis désolé pour ton grand-père.
Toutes mes condoléances my friend.
Loïc Epelboin

Hicham Mansour said...

Allah Yer7amo dear friend, it is not easy to part with those we love, but, we know well , that we shall meet with them again

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain my dearest friend and I join my prayers to yours for him to rest in peace. Loved ones never really leave us, they continue to live in silence and in the silence of their memory we can always reach them.
My deepest condoleances to you and your family, I hope we will all live until 80 and be loved as much as he was.

Anonymous said...

we really feel your loss sassine , It's always hard to say goodbye to our loved ones..
May his soul rest in peace..
Our sincere condoleances..
Fadi And Lina

ghada said...

toutes mes condoléances Sassine.
Que Dieu te donne la force pour supporter et accepter son départ.

sadlers5 said...

oh so sorry,he is so cute! now he is looking down from heaven! peace be with you and your family ! love, ann and family

Anonymous said...

Allah yirhamou ya Akhi Dr. sassine El nabbout.
Allah beheb yakhoud ennas alsalhin.
minni wmin leila alf bawsi.
Charbel Baini

Tamara said...

Toutes mes condoléances Sassine.

Anonymous said...

Je suis vraiment, vraiment désolé Sassine pour toi et pour toute ta famille.


helen nahhal said...

I am so sorry Sassine for your loss, May his soul rest in peace...