Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Psychology of Colors…

A yellow tulip said: what is this stranger doing between us?
The second said: I don’t know, can’t such a one be shy?
Another one said: He should be out of our field…
The fourth said: yeah! I totally agree! He is disrupting our equilibrium!
The fifth said: maybe you are all right, but I like his color, I hope that I will be like him one day!!
The sixth said: please stop talking! We are all flowers!!!
The seventh said: yeah! But we are different, and we are a majority!!
The eighth said: cant you all shut up, all of us can simply leave in peace!
The ninth said: there is no peace while he is drinking our water and eating from our ground!!
The tenth said: hey brothers, it is not our land too! Where was each one of us before???!
They were discussing while the red tulip was saying: why am I different? Why????

The second day, the man passed by and was impressed by the red tulip to a degree that he didn’t realize that there is another tulips on the field! He removed the yellow tulips that live around, in order to give her more space… to grow and fructify in peace…

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