Saturday, May 19, 2007


Paint For Pastel

Sometimes… or even many times, with no one logical reason, they stimulate our tears…
They don’t stop testing our love, loyalty and obedience… yet no one can explain why they do so!
What do they think or feel when the tears wash our faces and the sadness kills our heart?
Are they full of satisfaction?! I don’t guess so!
Do they feel peaceful?! No way while every one is disturbed!
Do they think they are controlling us?! Is it possible?
I think they don’t know that sometimes we want to hate all this… if not saying “hate them and their actions”… but this is not something we can do… we cannot hate…
When will they understand that we are no more children… and if we respect, this does not mean we are slaves?!
When will they accept us as "sons and daughters of life", not a private property?!

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