Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Visit Done Today To The Iron Oak Forest

This forest , still the beautifulest , the unique one in the middle east ! a group of more than 44000 trees of the same type! Called the Iron Oak ! a tall tree , hard , with leaves that look like all the oak trees ! This forest , is the 1000000 colors forest, that take each automn extremely wonderful colors! yellow, red , green, brown! so many ! i really wait each year this time to make a visit to this place !
It's like a dream to walk on the dead leaves, & also a dream to walk under the leaves that are falling down from the trees !
I really enjoy it so much!
Wish u will like the photos i did there !
There are 2 albums containing pictures of it, El kamoua national park & El kamoua national park in Automn ! I will add soon also a big number of photos.

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